Easy home remedies to get rid of Giddiness

Feeling unconscious or weakness is a simple issue. Everyone might face in their life. In India, many people do fasting while worshiping their god. In that time they feel a little weakness. This will happen due to low blood pressure, dehydration, migraine head-ache, tensions. It is a common thing to get giddiness on festivals. But […]

Aloe vera, Good for Obesity..

Do you want to reduce weight ? It’s better to take healthy life diet, lo fat diet and regular exercises. But one more thing is add aloe vera juice in regular diet. Aloe vera is very useful to weight loss. Here we have some tips to use aloe vera Reduce fat It useful to reduce […]

Important tips for Dental care

You should take care of your teeth. It will avoid oral diseases. Proper oral hygiene can help prevent Periodontal disease. And smoking, poor-diet and stress can make it worse. Along these, it will increase beauty of your smile. Here we have some tips for dental care. Protect your teeth If you have good teeth, it […]

Sudden breakage of Nails

It gives more pain, mentally or physically. Some times nail breakage will give bleeding also. For mentally, your fingers may loose beauty and that will reduce your confidence levels. So you should know the solution for sudden breakage. Minerals & vitamins As like hair, nails also need minerals and vitamins for growth. Collagen is main […]

Reasons and Treatment for Pimples !

It’s not true that the pimples caused by eating oily or fat content food items and one more false is they will come for only the people who have entered into teenage. Pimples will come not only on face they also come on shoulders, chest, etc.. Reasons Hormone imbalance, functioning of oil glands, effect of […]